A Product Designer with a love for small businesses, community & team collaboration.

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Experienced across the product lifecycle, I enjoy working end-to-end, from research to delivery. I work best in lean, cross-functional, client-focused environments and believe in doing good work for a good purpose.

Currently I work at Linktree, the world’s most used "link in bio" tool. We're helping creators, small businesses, influencers and all kinds of people, manage their online presence and succeed in an ever-changing world.

Previously I worked at MYOB, an Australian accounting software company, helping small businesses with their expenses and record keeping. These services continue to support the record-keeping of 2 million new documents every month. I also worked on user onboarding, helping new and existing users understand the complex world of accounting. In every team, I focused on building simple solutions, with a vision of "hands-off accounting" for small business owners and staff.

Prior to MYOB, I worked at a startup called TidyHQ, building an all-in-one platform for managing meetings, memberships and events.